Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.9.5.2
- Fix crashes for localized versions of Windows
- Add increment option to counters

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.9.5.1
- Fix UI not stretching correctly on first application run
- Add error displaying to saving config file
- New config file is now created with access for all users

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.9.5
- Sounds with no atached files can't be created, if there are some already created,
  program should handle them with grace
- Improved installator and uninstallator

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.9.4
- Added support for m4a and ogg(NAudio only)
- Added option for second audio output when using NAudio
- Added loop option for sounds

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.9.3
- Added missing key event that caused that some keys would get "stuck"

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.9.2
- Fixed key combination recongition

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.9.1
- Pressing any key now does not trigger action of keys that are held

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.9
- Added ability to set volume indiviadually for each sound
- Fixed some of the crashing when loading corrupted config file
- Improved key combination recognition, key combinations with more keys have priority
  for example if you have one sound bound to NUMPAD_1 and another to SHIFT + NUMPAD_1
  if you press SHIFT + NUMPAD_1, second sound is always triggered no matter the order
  of these sounds in list

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.8
- Improved error messages, especially when loading configuration
- UI changes

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.7
- refactored everything so any bug reports are welcome :)
- lots of UI changes
- app no longer uses keyboard hook, only raw input and that should correctly
  detect all numpad presses while holding shift
- removed changing color scheme and portable mode
- tables now show only name and count/keys (no file paths)
- file paths and key bindings are edited by doubleclicking
- added support for NAudio library that allows choosing output device for sounds
- added bindable keys for navigating to previous counter, pausing and continuing playback of sounds
- after key press the sound that is about to play is selected (highlighted) in table
- changed location of config file from C:/Users/[User]/Appdata/DeathCounter to
  C:/ProgramData/DeathCounter in order to persist settings using different users,
  old settings should be correctly loaded on first startup

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.6.1
- sound volume is saved right after change

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.6
- added option to bind reset key for counters
- added option to unbind keys that control coutners

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.5
- fixed issue with keys showing multiple times when binding them
- with raw input hook keys will no longer be put between asterisks

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.4
- changed volume slider to custom one and allowed volume to be changed from windows
  mixer again (this should hopefully finally fix the volume on startup bug)

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.3
- volume bug should be fixed

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.2
- multiple sound files now work properly in portable mode
- aborting changing the key now does not ampty the key property
- changing sounds in portable with raw input now works properly
- columns wil no longer stretch when adding new entry at first startup

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.1
- volume can now be changed only in the application, this should fix the occasional
  fail of loading the volume

Deathcounter & Soundboard v3.0
- recoded the whole application in WPF instead of Windows Forms
- application is now wrapped in installator
- added autoupdate
- added color squares into Color settings that display selected color
- added RAW Input choice in Settings>Input settings (more info in tutorial section)
- added portable capability (more info in tutorial section)
- now you can hold key to quickly add/subtract and scroll counters

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.14
- disabled the sorting for lists (it caused problems)
- fixed a crash when sounds were be made visible again with window size too small
- new counters/sounds are now colored according to settings

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.13
- playing multiple sound entry will stop the single one and vice versa
- issue when one sound stops working should be fixed

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.12
- fixed crash on startup

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.11
- volume of single sounds is now loaded properly on startup
- volume of new single sounds is now set properly

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.10
- waiting cursor is no longer displayed when hovering volume control
- fixed the crash when + or - button is pressed with no counter selected

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.9
- sound now changes properly when you select different one
- I created a workaround for the SHIFT key overriding NUMLOCK

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.8
- changed the way key detection works and now you can have other keys pressed
  for program to detect keys correctly
- checking files when application is opening is now done on separate thread and
  application is responsive while doing that
- after you delete a sound/counter proper one is selected
- the way path of multiple sound files is stored has been changed and now shouldn't
  make problems (as long as you don't use > 100 files)

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.7
- counters and sounds are now saved only when edited, not when application
  closes so if something goes wrong and stuff won't load, nothing gets overwritten
- added chceck whether file exists and is available (chcecking file shared in
  network takes much longer than file on a local computer)

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.6
- sounds that have been played will stay initialized and won't have to load when played again
- volume control is more user-friendly and changing the volume in windows mixer
  will be recognized when you return to this program

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.5
- Counters, sounds, key bindings and color settings will save everytime they are edited,
  not only when exiting app
- removed deleting sounds and counters by pressing delete key

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.4
- improved application stability (hopefully)
- lists now properly resize after restoring application from minimized state
- changed saving so it (again hopefully) retains information even after crash

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.3c
- removed reset button (PJSalt)

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.3b
- added Menu>Troubleshooting>Reset Keyboard Hook for when hotkeys stop working
  (not confirmed that it helps)

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.3
- now you can bind key combinations for controlling counters/playing sounds,
  but the order matters (i.e. pressing SHIFT + 1 is different than pressing 1 + SHIFT)
- now you can hide and/or disable counters/sounds, you can disable both but hide
  just one at a time (if it is hidden it still can be enabled!)
- play and stop buttons now look as they should
- width of columns now doesn't change when program is resized
- fixed a crash at startup when program is not focused

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.2
- added volume control
- names, paths, counts and keys can now be edited by double clicking
- added ability to change text and background color of couters and sounds
- counters and souns can be sorted by clicking on column header
- counters and sounds now have same color scheme whether program is or is not focused
- name of action while choosing a key is now displayed properly
- key bindings now load properly on startup
- selected counter/sound can now be removed by pressing Delete key (program needs to be focused)

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.1
- changed buttons style
- added more resizing options (horizontal + splitter between counter and soundboard part)
- added ability to select multiple sound files and play random one
- third column in soundboard part is now named correctly
- soundboard now supports wav files as it should be, instead of wmv
- removed *ding* sound when key is pressed while program is focused
- name shown in task manager has been changed from "WindowsFormsApplication6" to "DC&SB"

Deathcounter & Soundboard v2.0
- added soundboard
- settings and history are now properly stored in /User/AppData/Roaming/DeathCounter/config.ini
- program will remember changes of width of columns

Deathcounter v1.4
- added rebinding keys in Menu>Key bindings, settings are stored in /User/AppData/Roaming/DeathCounter/settings.ini
- counter does not stay higlighted when diselected by mouse

Deathcounter v1.3
- added ability of using multiple counters, that you can cycle through using * on numpad
- previously used counters are stored in /User/AppData/Roaming/DeathCounter/previous.ini
- added ability of resizing the window vertically in order to see more counters

Deathcounter v1.2
- added browse function
- history of used files is now in browse window (/User/AppData/Roaming/DeathCounter/history.ini is no longer used)
- program now won't crash when there is unexpected content in file
- added icon

Deathcounter v1.1
- added history of used files
- path can now be confirmed by pressing enter
- program will now write 0 into new file
- added Reset button