Deathcounter and Soundboard

About the application

This application allows you to keep a track of deaths or pretty much anything else. You can assign keys to count up, down and cycle through counters. This way you can use a lot of counters without having to AltTab out of game. It also enables you to assign sounds to be played by pressing keys.

v3.7.0.0 screenshot

How to use it





How to display counter in OBS

Knows issues

In version 3.7 the app should automatically detect this issue and use NAudio library. Application uses Windows Media Player library to play sounds and will not work if you have Media Features/Windows Media Player turned off in Windows features or if you have N or KN version of Windows. You can fix this by enabling the Media Features/Windows Media Player feature or by manually installing Windows Meda Player.

XSplit users will have to use broadcaster version in order to display deathcounter on stream. Also if DC&SB is not run as an administrator XSplit will intercept hotkeys when focused.


Changelogs are available here: Changelogs

Please read

If you come across any bug, something stops working or the program crashes PLEASE LET ME KNOW, send me an email to Please include as many information as you can provide (any error messages, what stopped working, what were you doing when it happened, what version are you using...).
Usually restarting the program/running it as an administrator helps.
The newest version never contains any bugs that I know of, there is only so much testing I can do and some bugs can be system specific. So please help yourself by helping me and let me know when something goes wrong.
Thank you.


Newest version is available here: DC+SB

Older versions are available here